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Responsible Gaming

The Bingo For Money  team is dedicated to bringing you an online bingo experience that isn’t just fun, but also healthy and sustainable on the long term. Your comfort and welfare are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we’d like to make our stance on reasonable support and gaming practices well-known.

The purpose is to create an open discussion about the advantages and disadvantages and online gaming, one that everyone can participate in and be aware of, so that our members can make an informed decision regarding their involvement with online gambling.

While we’re well aware of how rewarding and entertaining online gambling can be, we strive to protect our users from any possible issues, so that their approach is a responsible at all times.


Responsible gaming is our no.1 priority, and our experience has taught us that one of the best ways in which we can uphold this value is quite a simple one: by sincerely asking about the essence of your motives for online gaming.  Only with a full understanding of these motives comes true enjoyment of the game. If you have any concerns regarding your online gaming habits, please consider the following questions – they will help you determine whether your reasons for playing are healthy ones or not. They will also aid you in assessing the upsides and downsides of gambling online, as well as with making an informed decision regarding how much time should be spent playing.

Please consider these questions pertaining to your online gaming habits:

1.    Why – What’s your motivation for playing games online? Has your experience been mostly positive, or have you regretted it on occasion?
2.    When – At what times do you usually play? When’s the last time you thoroughly considered the ups and downs of your gaming habits?
3.    How much – Have you carefully considered the time, money and effort you invest into this activity? How has it affected your life?


Carefully thinking about the questions above will undoubtedly aid you in getting a better sense of your reasons for playing, as well as of the ways in which it is impacting your life – both positively and negatively. Since both types of influences are possible and widespread, considering the bigger picture is extremely important. Of course, not all online gamers have a gambling problem, but it does no harm to consider the consequences of repeated activities. 

In addition, we suggest you also consider the following questions; they come from, an initiative that has our full support, thanks to our dedication to our members’ health. Please visit their website for more resources on the subject.

1.    Have you ever lost time from school or work due to gaming activities?
2.    Has gaming ever made your life at home unhappy?
3.    Did online gaming ever affect your personal reputation?
4.    Have you ever felt guilty after gaming?
5.    Did gaming reduce your ambition?
6.    After losing, did you have the feeling you must win back your losses as soon as possible?
7.    After a win, have you ever felt a strong desire to return and win more?
8.    Did you often gamble until you spent everything you had?
9.    Did you ever borrow to support your online gaming activity?
10.    Were you unwilling to use “gambling money” for normal expenses?

If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, it is quite likely that you have an unhealthy approach to gambling.


Here are a few guidelines that can help make your approach a positive, healthy one:

1.    Do not gamble with borrowed money.
2.    Do not regard gambling as a means of making money.
3.    Do not play endlessly; rather, establish acceptable time limits before you begin playing, and then stick to them.
4.    Try to divide your spare time among various activities (ideally including something physical); don’t spend all of your free time gambling.
5.    If you lose, do not attempt to win that money back.


Educating yourself about the downsides of gambling online will protect you from unpleasant experiences. Bingo For Money encourages the formation of healthy online gaming habits and supports you in this respect - it’s why we make use of time-out periods, deposit limits, timed sessions and even account closure, if necessary. 
You can close your account at any time.

For this or other related enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at