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22 testimonials from our users
greta4117 November 29, 2017

this is one of my favorite game site..............very nice people working there and they will really help u tru either live chat or email or phone

gonana November 12, 2017
This bingo site is one of the best around. The CM are friendly and do there jobs well. Also, the support always have time to answer your questions. Im glad that I found this site, and will be playing bingo for a long time coming
BingoNona April 07, 2017

Hi all you bingo bees, bingo is my game, Bingo For Money is the best, I enjoy the chat rooms I read do not chat much can't do two things at the same time... You will enjoy all the folks here.. Hugs and BINGO TO YOU ALL. 

indared August 03, 2016
I love the rooms and the roomies interactions and CM monitors. I visit after work, and their interactions with the players make a miserable work day a work disappear!!!!!!
mrsnackattack May 31, 2016
great people and lots of fun. I love the big party you guys keep every other weekend!
shedell December 14, 2015
I thank you very much for the gifts that have been bestow upon me. I'am very luck to be in your heart for the holidays and beyond. thanks to u and your crew.